The way we Sell Solar Energy Systems

The way we sell Solar Energy Systems

We are convinced that explaining all the details about adopting solar is an exercise of honesty. Of course our offer includes solar panels, installation, warranty, and a monitoring system. There is a possibility that you will actually save a little money by adopting solar, and substantial savings will come as the price of electricity starts to increase in the next few years. But that should not be the guiding motivation to adopt solar.

What we sell is really the satisfaction and the certainty that you are producing your own energy, and immediately reducing your pollution footprint. And this should be the real motivation to adopt solar. Savings and incentives are always attractive, making a stronger case and yet, your decision should not be based only on immediate dollar savings. The lasting effect on the environment is the most important part of what you are acquiring. And then, the increase of your property value, without increasing your property taxes would be your second motivation to adopt Solar Energy.

SolarES credentials:

We are fully insured by Hicox Insurance for $2 M USD, we provide BBB via our partners, and our Installation team is nationally ranked.

The International Effort:

Solar Energy Adoption is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals pursued by the International Community. We invite our customers (residential and commercial) and readers to review these SDG resources, reflect on their message and act upon them within your convictions and possibilities. Commercial customers can also learn about the SDG’s from the Corporate perspective, explained for Businesses.