About Us

Meet our Amazing Team

Alex and Gaby founded SolarES out of a genuine interest to contribute to a cleaner environment, and build the case, with solid education and honesty, for others to adopt Solar Energy. They have guided home owners and companies through the process. And they want to do this the rest of their life. For Life.

Alejandro Martínez-Muñoz

Director of Sales

Alex has an Electronics and Communications Engineering degree from the ITESM, and worked in the Telecom and Networking industry for 28 years (working in Installation, Product Support, Product Management, Enterprise Business Development and Sales) before committing to promoting Solar Energy solutions. Sustainable Solutions are his life passion.

Gabriela Tamez-Martínez


Gaby has an Informatics Administration Degree from the UANL, and develop Informatics systems for various companies in the Telecom, Retail and Accounting industries. She managed a bi-lingual early stimulation institute for babies and Moms during 5 years. Gaby has also raised three wonderful kids (now all adults) and continues to provide sound guidance to them and to SolarES.

Our consultants also have a mixed experience of other industries and also, Solar Energy. We have already adopted solar energy ourselves, understanding the full cycle (promotion-adoption-consumption) and its pros and cons. We understand Residential benefits and also what to expect in terms of financials, in detail.

Separately, our background in serving Enterprises and Institutions allows us to approach commercial proposals, their longer sales cycle and close follow up. We understand Commercial and Institutional benefits and also what to expect in terms of financials, in detail.